Breaking Tradition

I've always been a "traditional romantic" when it comes to my idea of how a wedding gown and veil should look on that ever so special day a bride walks down the aisle. Only recently, I've noticed that my idea of this has dramatically changed. I'm not sure if it has to do with my job being a wedding photographer or the fact that I follow WAY too many talented designers. Either way, long gone are the days of brides being expected to wear a stark white wedding gown with a trail a mile long and a veil so heavy she has to wear a neckbrace on her honeymoon from overworked neck muscles.

I adore that brides can be free with their style and express their personalities in whatever they choose to wear on their special day. From off-white dresses to pantsuits, bohemian-inspired dresses with bell sleeves to structured pink beaded princess dresses have all made their appearances over the years.

With micro weddings and elopements becoming more popular due to this very uncalled for Coronavirus, I see even more "riskier" looks on brides - and let me tell you, I am here for it.

Another bridal accessory that I cannot get enough of is the versatility of a veil. Long, short, detailed, plain - anything goes. Even if a veil isn't your style, but you feel that you want to have something extra in your hair, your options are endless.

Flower crowns create colorful bridal portraits which can compliment the handiwork of your make-up artist beautifully. Hair jewels or crowns can show off all the work your hairstylist has put into your hairstyle - especially if it is a detailed updo. Bold jeweled headpieces are a great way to add to the style and flair you want to pull off on your wedding day.

The beauty of it all is, there aren't any rules you have to follow - it is YOUR day, lovely bride to be. Go ahead and express yourself.

Oh, and book Until Dust to photograph it all ;)

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