Ask for help!

Now, I know I've already written about timelines in my first blogpost but after each wedding it just comes more and more clear to me how truly important it is to have someone help you work out everything.

I know not all photographers will approve what I'm about to say but I'm going to say it anyway : ASK YOUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR HELP! We are the only ones that know exactly how long group photos ( for example ) will take. We've worked // attended a few weddings where the timeline just doesn't work out. The bride then ends up being all flustered and rushed to get those few special moments in with her bridesmaids before heading down the isle and this is no way for a bride to start her journey.

I loved how this bride had time for all the girly photos to be taken ( especially the ones in their BENA Loungewear! )

So please, please, please ask for assistance when planning your wedding timeline. I promise you that your make-up artist will appreciate it just as much because they'll also get the shots they want AND they won't feel rushed.

The beautiful brides below had the following artists work on them for their big day:

Rentia Weber Painterly Makeovers

D&M Agency

The Morley Sisters

Lynette Loubser Pro Make-Up & Hair

Happy planning!!!

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